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Limiting beliefs are...

Holding your potential hostage, which makes you feel trapped & powerless. You know you’re capable of more, but you can’t break through to the next level on your own. What happens if you never reach your full potential?

We understand that life is infinitely complex, which makes it seem impossible to reach your dream life.

We believe that you deserve to unlock your full potential.

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Meta Minds Mentoring Is For You If You…

 Lack meaning in life ✅ Lack direction in life ✅ Lack the confidence you deserve ✅
Lack a sense of self ✅ Feel overwhelmed by the complexity of life ✅ Struggle to decide how to spend your time ✅
Are ready to level up your passions ✅ Are ready to unlock your full potential ✅ Deserve more out of life ✅ Know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing ✅
Want to live the life of your dreams ✅

Meta Minds Online Services

Designed to you help you unlock your full potential.

15 Meta Minutes Session

Free | Includes:

  • Uncover your dream life
  • Recognise your limiting beliefs
  • Understand what it takes to live your dream life

1 Hour Meta Mentoring Session

$249 AUD | Includes:

  • All 15 Meta Minutes Inclusions
  • Dream Life Guided Meditation
  • Recording of Your Meta Mentoring session
  • Access to the Meta Minds Private Facebook group

8 Week Dream Life Mentorship

$1997 AUD | Includes:

  • 8 x 1 Hour Sessions Over 30 Days
  • 2 x 15 Meta Minutes Sessions
  • Recordings Of Every Meta Mentoring Session
  • Weekly Dream Life Exercises
  • Dream Life Guided Meditation
  • Access to the Meta Minds Private Facebook group
  • 3x Dream Life Resources From Past Meta Minds Podcast Guests ($1000 Of Value)

Free 15 Meta Minutes Session

A taste of your dream life to ensure we’re the right fit.

How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Facebook group; an exclusive community to keep you motivated & accountable.

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Get Meta every week with value-packed, weekly podcasts to help you master your mindset.

A lot of people are worried about how much a mentor will cost and actually getting meaningful results.

At Meta Minds Online each service is packed with value and we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your investment in yourself will unlock your full potential.

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